Evidence that we are not good people.

Beauty and the Wildebeest

Watch as DJ wildebeest and his trusty "beauties" romp and explore our favorite (and not-favorite) games together, trading insights, opinions, and countless insults as we play through the day's most important* games;  AAA, Indie, and everything in-between.
*importance to be determined arbitrarily by us and our foolish whims.


The skittsue show

Live art, letsplays and gaming excellence from artist and gamer extrordinaire Skittsue. 
Sometimes it's Art, sometimes it's games, sometimes it's solo, sometimes there are guests.
Skittsue is pretty much always there.




The Evil Dev

A biweekly deep-dive into the development of a game, covering everything from creating graphics and music to programming and assembly, as well as discussions of the gameplay principles that inform what we're doing. Truly the downfall of western civilization.