RE4 Separate Ways EP3: Tall Guy Supply

Where do they find all these super tall, super ripped Wolverine cosplayers? And is there one guy going around the castle just resetting all the traps like "Well, better put it back just in case. I don't know if this actually works or not since bodies just dissolve into the air..."

RE4 Separate Ways EP1: Bell Ringing

Wilde and Blondie are back with more Resident Evil 4 but this time as  Ada in the Separate Ways mission. It's just like Wilde's dreams; following Ada around just close enough to smell her. And maybe cut off part of her hair. For reasons.

Black Mesa EP6: Military Save the Day

Black Mesa EP6: Military Save the Day

Now that the military is here everything should be great. We just gonna left them know what went down and get on the Helicopter. Oh wait they are shooting everyone? They must of been bad guys. Oh wait they are shooting me? I must be a bad guy. The Military saves the day again.