Giant Insectoid Invaders have taken hold of our Galaxy.
Our last hope is your oddly shaped ship*

*and several tons of bouncing plasma


Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

Your Mission

Pilot your ship into the maw of the invading army and give these sap suckers the welcome they deserve.
Use your ship's energy grid to reclaim power from your enemies' fallen, unleashing more plasma in devastating combos and maximizing your score. Tap into the flow of battle and see how many balls you can keep in play at one time!

Only you can save the universe from these interstellar terrors!  And rack up a high score doing so. 


  • Classic Arcade-Style gameplay with Boss-Fights, Powerups, Score Multipliers, and unlockable Bonus Levels
  • Accessible but addicting - survive a level or maximize
    your performance for many, many more points
  • Compete with your friends on global high score tables
    One for every level and campaign
  • 30 Levels spread across 2 Campaigns, along with unlockable Bonus Levels and 6 punishing Boss Fights
  • Soundtrack by Ryan64K with remixes courtesy of
    Ladybeards and DJWildebeest.
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