Getting Back On That Horse

The last year has been full of trials and tribulations for the Evil Brain team, but we’re happy to announce we are still alive and getting back on that horse!

As most of our followers are probably aware, our favorite Charles suffered a medical setback last year which took the channel off the air for some time. Charles also moved across the country during this time and was immediately beset by technical issues, both damaging his production rig in the move and arriving to terrible internet service in his new home. While Charles and Blondie have been putting in the hard work to make sure our edited content continued coming out, the live content and interaction we live for has been largely unfeasible.

The good news is that these problems have all been dealt with, and Charles is so excited to get back to streaming that he’s kicking up the streaming schedule a notch or five.
The Beauty and the Wildebeest LiveStreaming Schedule will be 3PM, Tuesday thru Saturday for the next few weeks.
We will continue to post and update a streaming schedule on the channel’s page on this site.

Meanwhile on our game development side our efforts have been slowly coalescing into a couple projects we are excited to start showing off very soon. (Subscribers to our old newsletter know what I’m talking ‘bout ;) But in the meantime we are excited to announce we are going to be a lot more active this year in taking part in gamejams as a team, starting with the Ludum Dare later this month! (post forthcoming!)

All in all we expect this to be a year of ramped up activity and big announcements as the hard work we’ve been putting in behind the scenes finally starts to come to fruition. We really want to thank everyone who’s stuck by us and supported our efforts so far. We’re excited to show you what we can do :)