Extra Life 2017 - UPDATE: raffle results & more!

It's that time of year again, and the Evil Brain team is busily preparing for our one good deed: Extra Life 2017. Starting on December 9th at 11am (MT) we will be streaming for 24 straight hours of games, commentary and masochism, and trying to raise money for our favorite cause- the kids. 

We will have new segments like Cooking Nerd Shit with Rusty (with a festive Fallout 4 inspired meal) and a Bob Ross Paint-Along, as well as old favorites like playing video games, drinking shots we don't want, and the wheeeel of punishment.

For every $20 of donations we raise, one of us will take a shot; for every $25 we raise, someone will spin the wheel of punishment.
Punishments this year include a shot of Rusty's least favorite liqueur (sloe gin) and singing with hot peppers in your mouth, and horrible foods in the punishment grab-bag include potted meat, rotten egg jellybeans and an actual canned sandwich. 

We will also be running a game of Beauty and the Wildebeest Bingo throughout the stream, with its own set of conditions, punishments, and rewards. At the end of the stream we will be holding a steam key raffle for donors, anyone who donates during the stream will have a chance to win fabulous games to add to your steam collection! 

So come watch your favorite livestream family play games, suffer, get drunk, and probably get sick - for the kids! And if you have a few dollars to spare, consider donating. All donations will be going to the Providence Children's Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. 


The results from our Steam Key Donor Raffle are in and the following people are winners! If you donated, see your name on this list, and have not been contacted with your prize please visit our contact page and get in touch!

Jordan - Gunpoint
Ty - Dead Rising 2
Nat - Overcooked
Alex - Goat Simulator
Evelyn - Hand of Fate
Erin - Abzu