Subscriber Goals #1

Streaming Update 2.18.17.jpg

Hello Friends!

As we ramp up production of Beauty and the Wildebeest we thought it would be fun to start having subscriber milestones. Whenever we hit one of these milestones we will produce a new piece of content or host an extended livestream. Basically when we get to an amount of subscribers we will do whatever we are promising. So If you are some of the folks that enjoy our content and want to see more in a greater variety: Encourage your friends to subscribe!

Our next subscriber milestone is 50 subscribers. At 50 subs we will stream a horror game which we are not announcing as Blondie will be playing and we don’t want her to be prepared. For those that don’t know, Blondie hates horror games and her little heart doesn’t handle them all that well. So the short of it is when we get 50 subscribers we will torture Blondie with a horror game and you all get to watch! How fun!

Thanks for all the love and support and we hope to see you soon!