It's Alive!


 Evil Brain is here!

Introducing the new EvilBrain.Net, a project we here at Evil Brain have been working on for, well, since Evil Brain became more than just Rusty & Charles. 

The new site will serve as a tentpole for the games-and-pop-culture centered projects we have for some reason chosen to orient our lives around.
Said projects will include indie games, music, and letsplays, with more additions coming soon!

The new Evil Brain will be headed by CEO and streamer-in-chief Charles Rowell A.K.A. DJ Wildebeest. Charles will be supported in the position by founder and CCO Rusty Hayes (Chief Creative Officer; apparently that's a thing, go figure!) who will also be heading up our gamedev operations.  Sound work will fall under the jurisdiction of Evil Brain's collective muse, Ryan Kirschenmann, since he's in most of the bands anyway.  Rounding out our team will be head media engineer Blonde Burgundy, whose hard work makes us all stronger, and social media director Daniel Hanna.

We look forward to filling the site out with more features and content, and hope you will enjoy joining us for the ride!