The Best Game in The World

About Sick Goldfish


It's time

The long finger of death has come to your precious fish tank at last. 
Pick which fishy will get sick, then try to help it live slightly longer, while racking up sweet sweet points.
Turns out, life in a fish tank is a lot like life in nature.

It is Futile. 


  • Click or tap anywhere in the play area to make your fish flap- and gain some downward momentum.

  • Click/tap to the side to gain sideways momentum- clicking further to the side diverts more momentum that way.

  • Watch your stamina, you need it to flap effectively. Stamina cannot be higher than remaining health.


Gain points by passing over/under the healthy fish, and by eating food pellets.
Try not to get cannibalized by the other fish.
The surface hurts. Stay under water.
Watch out for that damn hermit crab.
Air bubbles will restore some stamina, but they will also push you toward the surface.


Coming Soon to iOS and Android!