Evil Brain is a group of people who let video games ruin our lives.
Now we're hoping they'll help us ruin your lives too. 


Evil Brain is a small  group of passionate weirdos tackling the art of making things the only way we know how- haphazardly. 

We make dumb tweets, videos, music, art, animations, games commentary, and games. And we try real hard to make them good.



Charles Rowell, Founder/CEO

Rusty Hayes, Founder/CCO

Blonde Burgundy, Head Media Engineer

Ryan Kirschenmann, Director of Noise

Individual social media accounts reflect the views of individuals and not necessarily Evil Brain as a whole.
They do represent the views of us as individuals though, so there's that. 


Part of getting to know who you are is getting to know who you like, and
since we talk a lot about the games community in many contexts we think
it is important for you to know in which corner of that community we reside- 
with that in mind we present below

An ongoing chronicle of people we like doing things we think are cool:


Run by the inimitable Ivano Palmentieri, SomePX makes games and gamestuff, including some of the most incredible minimalist pixel art you can find and the very best in pixel fonts.


The muse of the indie streaming scene and patron saint of gamejammers everywhere, Jupiter Hadley is a streamer with a focus on overlooked games and underappreciated gems.


Game development project belonging to Amy Dentata, she makes games that matter about subjects that matter. Trigger Warning: real deep art shit.



Developer of Starfighter: Research and Development HD, Gord's games have a focus on high quality arcade experiences and retro design aesthetics. They're also very fun.


The destination for in-industry gaming news and Leigh Alexander's latest genius polemic, they don't know we exist, but we've been crushing on Gamasutra for a long time.


Software engineer. Feminist Activist. Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8. Brianna is about as close as anyone can get to just listing "overall badass" as her occupation.